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Finches For Sale

In our site we will tell you where it is possible to find finches for sale. Also different kinds of finches will be reviewed.

In wild nature finches live in Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia. Finches can easily acclimatize and live together with people. These birds get used to their new owners very quickly and can calmly live in their new houses. They eat grass seeds, greens (dandelion leaves, chickweed). As you see, there won't be any problems with their nourishment. The males are colored more brightly than females. Finches are also called songbirds due to their ability to sing. These birds are very friendly, they like to live in pairs. In pet shops it is possible to find a lot of finches for sale. These nice birds will attract your attention at once and the desire to buy them will appear immediately.

Finches types.

There are different types of finches for sale:

  • gouldian finches for sale
  • zebra finches for sale
  • cordon bleu finches for sale
  • european finches for sale

Gouldian finches are also called lady gouldian finches or rainbow finches. These are very colourful birds which have all the colors of rainbow. They combine different colors: red, green, yellow, blue, light blue, black, gray. Their length is about 130 - 140 mm. The males are colored very brightly and it helps them to attract females.

Zebra finches are also very nice birds which have black and white lines on their bodies reminding zebras. They combine grey, white, black , fawn and also pied (red, orange) colors. They can have black , fawn or gray cheeks. Also they can be black or orange breasted. Their size is about 10 centimeters.

Cordon bleu finches for sale will attract your attention by their striking beauty. The males combine mostly two main colors: sky blue (head, body and tail) and fawn (wings, back, underbelly). The females are also very colorful but hen's bleu color is much duller. Both males and females unlike other bird species sing wonderfully. The size of cordon blue finches is 4-5 inches (10-12.5 cm).

European finches for sale will surprise you by the variety of colors and color mutations. The most famous representatives are bullfinch and goldfinch. For food these birds need not only seeds but also insects.

Finches birds for sale.

It is very easy to find finches for sale or parakeets for sale. For this you should only visit a local pet shop. If there you won't find what you need then various online shops will satisfy all your desires. You will be offered not only a great number of finches for sale but also cages and proper food for them. We wish you a good buy.